Board Minutes

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Meeting was held by Zoom Monday 10/24/2022 7:00PM – 8:40PM

Call To Order: The meeting was called to order at 7:00PM by Chuck Jarmon.


Board Members: Robert Pollichino, Chuck Jarmon, Vito D’Angelo, Diane Kletz, Tom Courtney, PM: Chris Gallagher by invitation

Approval of 10/17/22 minutes:

Amendments to minutes of 10/17/22
1) Minutes approved with modifications by all in attendance Control Issues:

1) Chris to get new signature cards to add our President, Chuck Jarmon and our Secretary, Diane Kletz to all of our accounts. Also, to determine if we need new Resolutions.

2) It is agreed that all monthly invoices except for recurring utility or approved contracts need to be emailed to the Board for approval. The Treasurer, Bob and in his absence the President, Chuck or Vice President, Vito can approve.

3) Bob rescinds his thought that we need two signatures for expenditures over $5k since we will be approving all non-recurring Invoices and reviewing the internal financial statements monthly.

4) Financials will be provided to the Board Monthly and posted to the website after review. Bank Reconciliations will be provided to the Treasurer monthly for review.

5) Reserve Accounts analysis will be updated monthly.

6) Contracts with all Vendors will be circulated for comments and once approved can be signed by the PM.

Administrative Issues:

1) All Association insurance Deck sheets or Contracts to be sent to the Board for review.

2) Review of all Vendor contracts needed;

3) Chris advised that the Association Insurance Coverages increased approximately 11- 12%.

4) Chris confirmed that Whiteman, Osterman, and Hanna, LLP. are the Association’s law firm handling all matters.

Financial Issues:

1) The need to understand potential Capital Projects for 2023 was discussed. The initial 2023 projects identified by Chris are walkways in buildings 1, 7, and 8 and roofs on buildings 3 and 4 (which may have another 2 years of life left). Chris will work on getting cost estimates for further discussion and approval.

2) The Board authorized Chris to transfer the approximate $77k from the sewer funds balance and transfer it to the CP Reserve Fund. Discussion to move an additional $50k from the Checking account to the Reserve fund was tabled for another time.

Chimney Issues:

1) Chris reported that the town Fire Inspector and our Insurance Co. Fire Inspector could not conclusively determine the cause of fire in #22.

2) He also reported that the remaining Insurance proceeds had been cleared and we should expect payment shortly.

3) Chris reported that the Chimney Cap replacement project was almost completed and that he had hired Best to complete the project rather than bringing back Northeastern.

Property Issues:

1) Chris stated that he does not have a formal Work Order System but does have a “hit list” for outside work. When he has his next list compiled he will share with the Board for their review.

2) We have 2 working wells that have recently been upgraded by Garzone to handle the needed flow of water. Well #3 is currently not operational. Chris will increase the storage of water in the existing tanks during high utilization periods.

3) Chris believes that nothing can be done regarding the footprints in the newly laid cement in front of units 46-49. He will however, discuss this issue with KCK as well as the lip butting up against the driveway blacktop surface.

4) Chris is sending out an Owner vote form to Building 8 to resolve the parking space issue.

5) Recycling was determined to be too costly as it would require more runs to the dump and that if one wishes to recycle, they should go to the town dump on their own.

6) Regarding outside lighting – both Diane and Chris will walk the property during different evenings and review the number of lights out to determine if they can be fixed before season.

7) Transition to Town Water- it appears that this is a longer term project that requires analysis and further discussion


1) Chris will share with the Board a contact list of all homeowners

2) Confirmed that the CP website is owned by CP since 2007 and maintained by Meticulosity in Vancouver who last made an update approximately 3 years ago. Chris will share the link and password to get into the site and make needed changes such as

Board Member names, posting of Minutes etc.

3) Tom Courtney will create a Draft of the Annual Owners Meeting Minutes from his notes of the meeting for Board review before being distributed to Owners for their comments. Then it will be posted on the web site when finalized.

Emergency Management: Chuck has spoken with local Police and Fire Departments and will set up a date to meet with them along with Diane to create a dialog and relationship.

New Business:

1) Chris has agreed to send all vendor Insurance Deck sheets to the Board. This includes Rappleyea, L&G Contracting, Gallagher and Associates, Northeastern, Best etc.

2) Bob reported that Owner Falabella, Unit 88 is still reporting a Chimney leak that appears to be the result of improper flashing. Chris will have it looked into again.

3) Chris reported that as of the last report, only 4 Owners were behind in their payment of all or some of the $5k Special Assessment.

The next meeting of the Board will be determined once we are advised by Chris as to the date that October internal financials are available for review.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:38PM at which time the Board excused Chris and went into Executive Session.

Diane Kletz Secretary

CRYSTAL POND HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC.SPECIAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING Board of Directors Meeting MinutesLocation: Meeting was held by Zoom Date: Monday 10/17/2022
Time: 7:00PM – 9:00PMCall To Order: The meeting was called to order at 7:01PM by Bob Pollichino.
Robert Pollichino, Chuck Jarmon, Vito D’Angelo, Diane Kletz, Tom CourtneyProof Of Notice: Notice of the Special Board Meeting confirmed sent on 10/7/22 10 days prior to the meetingApproval of Minutes: confirmation that there were no prior board meeting minutes to approve. Election of Officers: Elections were held and Officers of the Association until the next AnnualMember Meeting are as follows:Chuck Jarmon- President Vito D’Angelo- Vice President Robert Pollichino- Treasurer Diane Kletz- Secretary
Tom Courtney- DirectorThe election of all Officers was unanimous New Business:.
Transition Issues- The Board reviewed the Transition Issues set forth on the attached document (see Exhibit 1) and the following actions were agreed to be implemented:
1) Control Issues- implement proper segregation of duties, approvals and check signing levels and review of interim financial statements monthly.
2) Administrative Issues-
a) Review all Insurance coverage especially D&O and get updated on the terms of the Conditional Coverage due to the chimney issue.
b) Review and ensure that we have contacts for all vendor services. Tom agreed to follow up and resolve the inconsistencies in the Windham Shuttle contract as compared to the website posting. c) Confirm if Whiteman, Osterman, and Hanna LLP. are the Association’s attorneys for all matters.
3) Financial Issues-
a) The Board agreed to review and confirm the required capital items for 2023 which were not addressed at the Annual Members Meeting and inform the Owners.
b) Request that Property Management prepare a reconciliation of Reserve funds from 12/31/21 to present.
c) With the elimination of the need for a Sewer Company the Board needs to resolve where to transfer the $77k in cash between our Operating and/or Reserve account.
4) Chimney Issues:
a) Need to understand current timing estimates to complete the project.
b) Bob asked if any of the Board members understood why the Annual Meeting Board package said that the cost of 8 Flues were more than $115k or $14.5k each, Vito advised that Yusef asked the same question in the meeting and got a satisfactory answer. He suggested that Bob follow up with Yusef.
5) Property Issues:
a) Implement with Property Management a simple Work Order system to track projects.. Bob P to provide a simple Excel report if nothing else is available.
b) Parking Spaces in Building 8- revised Owner vote will be sent in the next invoice mailing.
c) Recycling- Need to confirm that Windham is not recycling
d) Transition to town water- Need an update from Property Management on the discussions with the Quads and review any cost implications to Owners.
6) Communication- Need to develop an agreed to process to review all external communication prior to it being sent out to Owners and any 3rd party.
7) Community Website- we need to review its ownership, control, and capabilities to be the repository of Board information.
8) Emergency Management- Diane and Chuck to set up meetings with Chief of Police, Fire, etc. so they know how to reach us, we know how to reach them and build on a relationship.
Other discussions-
a) Need an update from Property Management on the timing and insurance ramifications related to the delays in Unit 22 renovation due to the Chimney fire.
b) Tom to work with Property Management on their Contract concerns.
c) It was agreed to have the next Board Meeting on Monday October 24, 2022, at 7:00p.m. via Zoom.
Adjournment- The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p., Respectfully Submitted,Diane Kletz, Secretary