General Rules and Regulations

General Rules and Regulations for all Owners, Tenants, and Guests at Crystal Pond

  1. Purpose: These Crystal Pond Rules and Regulations are adopted for the benefit of the owners of residences in the Townhome Development known as Crystal Pond at Windham. They are intended to contribute to preserving the clean and attractive environment and to ensure the peaceful enjoyment at Crystal Pond.  They are also intended to protect and enhance the value of the owner’s property in the development.   They are not designed to unduly restrict the use of Crystal Pond property.  Owners of Crystal Pond, their family, guests, and renters are expected to abide by these Rules that are meant to emphasize and to supplement the provisions in The Crystal Pond at Windham Bylaws. The cap on penalties for violating any of the rules is $5000.
  2. Owners are required to provide a copy of the rules to their renters.
  3. Speed Limit: The speed limit for all vehicles within the development is 5 MPH.
  4. Parking: During weekends (Friday through Sunday), holiday weeks (e.g., Christmas week; President’s week) and holidays (e.g., Martin Luther King Day), owners or their tenants may occupy only one parking space outside of buildings 1, 2, 4 and 5 between December 1 and March 31. Recreational Vehicles.  No recreational vehicles including, but not limited to, all terrain vehicles, motor bikes, motorcycles, minibikes, snowmobiles, boat trailers, campers or other such vehicles shall be permitted on the premises at any time for any reason except with the prior written consent of the Board of Directors. If such permission is granted, such vehicle must be parked in such area as may be designated by the Sponsor and/or the Board of Directors. If a car is towed, the owner may contact Absolute Towing at 518 734-9400 for information on where the vehicle be retrieved.  Visitor Parking. A sign clearly indicates that Visitor Parking is available at the center of the property.
    DO NOT PARK in front of the fire lanes or stairs that serve each building. Violators will be towed. The manager will place a notice on an illegally parked vehicle and that vehicle is subject to being towed at the car owner’s expense.  If a car is towed, the owner may contact Absolute Towing at 518 734-9400 for information on where the vehicle can be retrieved.
  5. Garbage Disposal: Refuse must be put in plastic bags and disposed of at the designated trash building at the rear of the development.  No burning embers, large items, appliances, furniture, or other bulk items are to be discarded either in or near the building.  For all Bulk Pick-Up and disposal of appliances, please contact the Crystal Pond Manager or bring items to the Windham Recycle Center on Mitchell Hollow Road.  All unauthorized dumping of garbage is considered trespassing and will be reported to the police.
  6. Outdoor Equipment & Clothes Lines: Bicycles, sporting goods, toys, baby carriages and other personal articles and equipment must be kept inside the unit.  No clotheslines are to be put up anywhere outside.  Do not hang clothes, towels, anything on deck railings!
  7. Pets:No pet is allowed in or on the Crystal Pond common property unless it is leashed and controllable.  Any pet waste must be immediately “pooper scooped” by the pet owner and disposed of properly. Plastic “Mutt Mitt” bags are available at no charge in dispensers located throughout the property.  Pets are not to be tied up and left unattended. Damage caused by a pet shall be the responsibility of the pet owner.  Pets are not allowed in the Pool Area.
  8. Noise:Owners, guests, and renters are expected to reduce noise levels after 10 pm, so that neighbors are not disturbed.  At no time are pets, musical instruments, radios, televisions, or other sound equipment to be so loud as to become a nuisance.
  9. Fireplace & Firewood & Barbeques: Safety First! Keep a fire extinguisher nearby for easy use in an Emergency!  Fire/Smoke alarms must be in working order and are the sole responsibility of the unit owner.  Make sure fireplace flue/damper is in OPEN position before starting the fireplace fire.  All fireplace fires must be constantly monitored to prevent excessive flames, smoke, and carbon monoxide, which are hazardous to health.  Do not leave fireplace fire unattended.  Firewood (limited to face cord) must be stacked in direct contact with the building walls or deck.  Charcoal Barbeques are not allowed! Electric or Gas Grills are subject to the following:  Our Insurance Company now requires that we contact all Crystal Pond homeowners and tenants with the following notice:
    All homeowners and tenants are to be advised that the use of charcoal grills or gas grills with a liquid capacity of over 2.5 pounds on any building’s patio or deck is prohibited as per New York fire codes and no one will be permitted to own such an appliance while a resident at Crystal Pond at Windham.”
    The only permitted means of barbequing will be on electric grills or small gas grills with a gas tank capacity of less than 2.5 gallons.” If you have a grill that is in violation of the above the Manager will remove it. Williams Lumber in Tannersville will have the appropriate tank for you.  Their phone number is 518-589-5200.The sku number is: 80244, it is an 11 lb tank and they will fill it up to 2.36 gallons.  The fill up is $8.50 and the tank itself is $53.99 plus tax. When using a barbeque, do not place the barbeque unit against the wood siding of the building and no not leave barbeque fire lit and unattended.  Safety First!
  10. Swimming Pool: The pool is open from Memorial Day  through Labor Day.  Owners, tenants, and guests use the pool at their own risk.  The swimming pool facilities at Crystal Pond WILL NOT BE SUPERVISED BY A LIFEGUARD.  The swimming pool is exempt from lifeguard supervision requirement as long as use is restricted to owners/residents/renters or guests.  The N.Y. State Dept. of Health requires the acknowledgement and signing of the Pool Safety Rules formulated under the guidelines mandated by the Dept. of Health.  The Pool Safety Rules must be read, signed and forwarded to the Manager prior to using the pool. Violation of these rules may result in pool privileges being revoked.
    In place of on-site supervision, this facility adheres to established series of safeguards established by the New York State Department of Health to be followed by all users of this facility. Violation of these rules and safeguards could result in the cancellation of Crystal Pond’s annual permit issued by NYSDOH and the closing of the pool. Please be advised that if you rent your unit at the Crystal Pond you must advise the renters of the regulations set forth regarding use of the pool facility and have them sign a pool safety form.
  11. Cold Weather Reminder about Thermostats & Snow on Decks: During cold weather, owners, tenants, and guests are advised to set each thermostat in all rooms to at least 55 to 60 degrees (or higher) to help prevent internal plumbing freeze-up damage.  Failure to do so, if damage occurs, will be at the expense of the unit owner.  Snow removal from restricted rear decks is the responsibility of the unit owner.



Townhouse occupancy (tenants and guests) shall be restricted to the below allowances unless prior HOA Board approval is obtained by contacting the Manager

  1. Maximum ten (10) occupants in a two or three bedroom townhouse Maximum twelve (12) occupants in a four or more bedroom townhouse.
  2. Owners or their tenants may not have more than four guests use the pool or other common areas without the prior approval of the HOA Board of Directors by contacting the Manager.
  3. Between April 15 and November 15, owners may not rent their unit for less than fourteen consecutive days without prior approval of the HOA Board of Directors by contacting the Manager.
  4. Owners and tenants must dispose of trash in the garbage building provided by the HOA at the rear of the property. Trash may not be left in storage lockers or anywhere outside a unit.
  5. Tenants and guests shall refrain from loud and rowdy behavior.
  6. Please be sure to give your renters the rules and regulations.  Your tenant must be able to always get in contact with you.  This requirement is now added in the rules. In addition, the fine for a first offense violation is increased from $500 to $1,000. A second violation would carry a $2,000 fine and a third violation would be $5,000. The Board will make the decision on whether a violation is a chargeable offense.

Deck Expansions

If a homeowner wishes to expand their deck, they need to submit a plan to the Manager who will submit the plans to the Architectural Committee as outlined in Section 7.03 of the Declaration. The Architectural Committee has established the following guidelines:

  • Decks or patios in one line of sight should be of equal width.
  • Decks or patios on corner units should not wrap around the corner.
  • If decks or patios are to be modified, approximately ten feet must be preserved between them.
  • Expanded decks and patios should be consistent with the architecture of the building.
  • Materials used in construction should be similar to other decks or patios.
  • Railings should be used on all expanded wooden decks (expanded cement patios need not have railings)

Late Fees

 Please be advised that section 5.07 of the Declaration requires assessments to be paid when due and also provides for the accrual of late charges. Any unpaid assessment constitutes a lien on your home. Under the Declaration the Association has the right to foreclose the lien for unpaid assessments and to collect reasonable attorney fees and other expenses. We also have the right to have all rents you are currently receiving assigned to the HOA. Obviously, a foreclosure would result in the involuntary sale of your unit at Crystal Pond. While the Association would do everything possible to avoid such an occurrence, the Association would be remiss in the performance of its duties and fiduciary responsibilities if it did not take the necessary steps to collect monthly assessments when due. The Board, with the consent of the membership has imposed a $50 penalty per month for each month a HOA fee remains delinquent.