Renter Rules and Regulations


    1. Townhouse occupancy (i.e., the number of overnight individuals per unit) shall be restricted to 12 unless HOA Board approval is obtained.
    1. Owners or their tenants may not have more than four guests (i.e., day visitors) use the pool or other common areas without the prior approval of the HOA Board of Directors.
    1. Owners may not rent their unit for less than fourteen consecutive days without prior written approval of the HOA Board of Directors.
    1. During weekends (Friday through Sunday), holiday weeks (e.g., Christmas week; President’s week) and holidays (e.g., Martin Luther King Day), owners or their tenants may occupy only one parking space outside of any building between December 1 and March 31.
    1. Owners and tenants must dispose of trash in the receptacles provided by the HOA.  Trash may not be left overnight in storage lockers or anywhere outside a unit.
  1. Tenants and guests shall refrain from loud and rowdy behavior.

Owners will be subject to a fine not greater than $5,000, determined by the HOA Board of Directors, if they or their tenants violate any of these rules and regulations or provisions contained in the by-Laws of the Crystal Pond HOA.  After the first fineable offense, the Board reserves the right to restrict access to any facilities at Crystal Pond.